Troubleshooting Easyfits

Troubleshooting Guide – Aladdin Easyfit Isolator

1. The Plug has become very hard to rotate while cutting through the pipe

15mm Standard Easyfit Valve

a)  i.  Fitting to table X or Y Copper pipe that has become work-hardened; this could be harder to cut and compress the pipe.

In which case manual installation may be required.

Install manually using a large adjustable wrench (10”+), along with Aladdin Products’ 14mm deep socket driver, DO NOT USE any other socket.

Keep the socket aligned square to the aluminium collar to avoid rounding the hexagonal Plug (do not pull it over sideways).  

Be prepared to rotate in rotational increments if access is tight.

    ii. It is fitted to ½” Imperial pipe.

Fitting to ½” Imperial pipe.

BS695 may be work-hardened and could also be non-standard wall thickness over and above 1mm.

We DO NOT recommend the use of standard EasyFit (Shallow back) for use on BS695 ½” Imperial Copper, please refer to EasyFit Pro 15mm/1/2.

Should you have attempted to fit a standard 15mm EasyFit to BS695 thick walled ½” pipe please use the manual installation method or call Aladdin Products helpline – 0800 183 3200.

You may be required to remove the standard 15mm EasyFit and replace with ½” EasyFit Pro.

15mm Pro or 22mm or 28mm Easyfit Valve

a)  You are half way through the cut and the drill / cutter are ‘juddering’.

When cutting through live pressurised pipe, cut very slowly. Should juddering occur you may be installing above the recommended flow / pressure rates. STOP and please refer to installation instructions. If fitting to a heating system: switch the pump off, if fitting to mains water, switch off any downstream appliances to slow the flowrate.

b)  You are halfway through and the cutter is getting tighter.

This will be because the Lower Housing is slightly mis-aligned with the Upper Housing.

Undo the 4 socket cap bolts by one quarter turn. Proceed with the cut which should be much easier. When completed retighten the 4 socket cap bolts.

2)  The hexagonal head of the bronze plug has rounded off

15mm Standard Easyfit Valve

We have options available, STOP and call Aladdin technical support: 0800 183 3200

3)  I have fitted the valve and it’s not shutting the water off

a)  The spindle is out.

Check how far out the spindle is in, should you be able push the spindle in after the valve is completely installed, it is likely that you have removed the E-clip.

Remove the Handle and cap and re-fit the E-clip to the groove in the chromed spindle, refit cap and handle; the valve will now turn off and isolate the flow.

b)  The Red Dots are not aligned

Remove cap and handle and pull out the spindle, re-fit the split polytube DO NOT attempt to rotate the plug without the spindle pulled out and the split polytube fitted, this will damage the main seal.

Once the spindle is out you can then rotate the plug anti-clockwise (using the 14mm Deep Socket). Ensure the upper thread is level with the upper housing thread, align the two closest red vernier dots, remove split polytube, push in Spindle, reinstall Cap and handle, your valve will now isolate.

c)  The Rubber Boot is damaged

Should you have rotated the plug while the Spindle is pushed in call Aladdin Products: 0800 183 3200

d) Fitted to the wrong Pipe

If the valve still does not isolate, then check when you close the valve that the water is ‘blipping’ i.e. reducing flowrate. If not at all (not even reduced by 20%) then the valve is fitted to the wrong pipe.

4)  The valve is leaking:

a)       From the Split Housing  Gasket

Tighten the 4 corner bolts in 1,3,2,4 sequence.

b)      From the Aluminium Collar when installing.

This will stop when you have cut all the way through the valve.

c)       From the Bronze Plug – outside thread

This should stop when the valve is installed after a few minutes and is either fully open or fully closed. If not, call Aladdin Products – 0800 183 3200

d)      From the Bronze Plug – next to the Spindle

Any small leakage should stop after a few minutes when the valve is installed correctly, and the lever set in the open or fully closed position.

Should further leakage occur call Aladdin Products Helpline – 0800 183 3200

5)  The Plastic Cap has cracked

Call Aladdin Products for a replacement – 0800 183 3200

6)  I can’t fit the handle

Sometimes, the chroming makes the fit very tight but it should ‘rock’ on. Place over the flats of the spindle and move the handle in a rocking motion lifting it up and pushing it down.