Troubleshooting Autovents

Troubleshooting Guide – Aladdin Autovents

A. “The valve is not venting”

If you have fitted the valve less than 3 days ago then it could be that the Safety Cap has still not reset.

The way the valve works is that the Safety Cap that shuts the valve down in the event of failure operates twice in its life: once when the valve fails (after 5 years) and once when the valve is first primed.

The safety cap mechanism takes around 2-3 days to open before the valve will start working continually in some cases. You can either wait, or open the valve to let any air out as a ‘one-time operation’ to start the process.

B. “The valve is not venting”

It could be that the valve’s Safety Cap operated before you fitted the valve and you need to re-set the valve. The way to do a reset differs in valve models. For the HV30C you need to remove the cartridge (turn off the radiator valves first) by gently inserting using the U key and dry it out (on top of a radiator for a few hours). Then using a straightened paper clip (non-sharp object) push it into the small port in the reverse of the cartridge gently. This will un-set the safety cap and the cartridge can be re-fitted.

For all other models you will need to switch off the radiator valves and remove the Autovent. Then as per the HV30C model you warm the valve for a few hours and use the paper clip to reset the valve – there is a 1.4mm hole in the reverse of all models.

If the valve still does not work then contact Aladdin Products and we will supply you with a replacement valve.

C. “The valve is not venting”

It is under 5 years and the valve has stopped. Contact us and we will supply a replacement valve free of charge.