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Aladdin EasyFit Isolators aid installation at Royal London Hospital

When CSS Facilities Services Ltd won the tender to install a Robot Arm Washer at the Royal London Hospital. Part of the brief from Skanska was to minimise the  shut-down time of the whole department.

CSS Facilities was contracted to carry out the installation of the Da Vinci Machine (Operating Robot) arms washer, within the CSSD Clean Room at the Royal London Hospital. As with all working hospitals, when repair and maintenance work is necessary, it is vital that the department does not have to close down, or is only out of commission for as short a time as possible. This was particularly the case with this contract.

The project involved cutting into, and branching off, hot and cold feed pipes. The pipes could not be isolated, as the nearest isolation point would have resulted in downtime to the clean room facilities for sterilisation of hospital equipment.

It was therefore essential that a product be sought that would allow the services to be closed off without shutting down water supplies to the clean room.

An online search resulted in CSS Facilities discovering the Aladdin EasyFit range of isolating valves from NLB Engineering.

The EasyFit isolating valves were ideal for the project. Although a little more expensive than other isolating valves, the quality, ease of installation and end result, were well worth it”, reports CSS Facilities’ Director, Ian Perton.

Perton added:

“The main benefit of using the Aladdin EasyFit Isolators was the time saved and the fact that the work could be carried out without major planning around shut down times.”

“The time savings were more important to the hospital as operations were being carried out. Without using the EasyFit isolators, we would have needed to shut down the whole department. Shutting down a department like this, even for a few hours, would have been very difficult to organise.”

In conclusion, Perton commented:

“The EasyFit isolator is a great product. It is easy to install and does a perfect job. We will definitely use it again in future projects.”

The Aladdin EasyFit Isolator clamps directly onto a live pressurised pipe (hot or cold), safely providing a full bore, permanent stopcock with no need to restrict services or freeze pipes.

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Aladdin EasyFit Isolators:
the perfect solution for DHL/Argos distribution centre 

In a busy operation like the Stafford based DHL/Argos distribution centre, where services are running 24/7, even a minor operation like changing a washbasin hot tap requires a complete drain down.

In this instance, the pipework was poorly installed over 20 years ago with poor quality pipe, a mixture of compression and soldered joints. The main complaint was the sheer lack of isolation valves. In addition, the existing gate valves had failed after 15 years.

“After testing and falling in love with the 15mm Aladdin EasyFit Isolator valves, we have been able to install suitable isolation in the key areas around the site easily,” says Stuart Boyd, Facilities Manager for Argos/DHL.

The first isolator installed was in the busy workplace kitchen where the 15mm pipe feeding some equipment in the washup area had sprung a nasty leak.

“This was tricky, as the kitchen was busy with Christmas lunches for over 600 colleagues,” explains Boyd. “With no working isolation valves in place, coupled with a lack of space to reach the pipework adequately, we decided to use the Aladdin EasyFit isolation valve with an 18v battery drill. Within minutes, we could shut off the supply without having to drain down the system.”

“We’ve used many of the valves now and as long as you follow the instructions, they will perform as they should. We look forward to using the 22mm & 28mm valves shortly,” adds  Stuart Boyd.

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