About Us

NLB Engineering Ltd was founded in Great Britain in 2002 by the company’s Managing Director, John Heffernan following his design of an automatic radiator bleed valve. 

The Aladdin Autovent has been re-designed since the original version and is now available to fit most radiator sizes and is sold worldwide. This clever product saves energy by bleeding radiators automatically. Removing air improves heating efficiency, leading to a warmer home and cheaper energy bills.

In 2008 the EasyFit Isolator was launched to allow isolation of water supply where the stopcock had seized or is inaccessible, allowing isolation to live hot or cold water pipes. EasyFit provides full isolation in minutes avoiding the need to isolate supply to other users or to drain systems. Simply fit and isolate with no requirement to freeze pipe or disrupt supply to other areas of a building.

We continue to develop our existing range and develop new innovative plumbing products from our UK base in Essex.