EasyFit Isolators


* Use as an emergency stopcock where water supply cannot be shut down

* As an emergency shut-off valve for leaking / burst pipework

* Simply fit the EasyFit in minutes to quickly isolate water supply

* Install a full flow WRAS approved stopcock / isolator into a live, pressurised pipe

* It is not a Saddle Valve – unique ‘dual seal system’ onto ends of pipe AND side of pipe

* Available in 15mm, 22mm and 28mm versions

* Works perfectly on either hot or cold water pipes

* Works with copper or plastic pressurised pipes

* No need to switch off the water or drain-down the system

* No more freezing pipes a ‘Green’ alternative, particularly to gas-freezing

* Isolating a heating system component for maintenance

* Used and recommended by plumbers since 2013

* Save calling out the Water Board and improve your ‘first fix’ rate

* No need to notify and inconvenience neighbouring dwellings / buildings

* Fit using your 18v battery drill, isolate supply in minutes

* 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee (T&Cs apply)

* An essential product for all plumbers!

Make savings:

  • When the mains stopcock is seized or inaccessible
  • When you need to maintain a component in a heating system    
  • Save time cooling, draining down, refilling and returning to de-aerate
  • Can’t freeze? Fit EasyFit to pipes with flowing hot or cold water!
  • Isolating a mains water feed in hotels, shops, houses with multiple occupants, hospitals, care homes etc., where water supply needs to be worked on without inconveniencing other occupants
  • As an emergency shut-off for a leaking / burst pipe
  • The bigger the system, the bigger the saving – no refilling inhibitors