FAQs – Aladdin EasyFit Isolator

1.   C
an the EasyFit Isolator be used on hot pipes?

Yes, the EasyFit Isolator is designed to be fitted to live pipes hot up to 85°C or cold pipes.

2.   Why can I not see the red dots on the top of the valve for alignment?

The red alignment dots on the valve might be obscured by a white o-ring stuck on the top. Follow these steps:

  • Check for a White O-Ring: Visually inspect the top of the valve for a white o-ring. It might be tightly adhered and appear flush with the valve surface.
  • Remove the O-Ring (if present): Carefully remove the white o-ring. You can use a small pick tool or your fingernail (if possible) to gently pry it off. Be cautious not to damage the o-ring or the valve itself.
  • Reveal Red Dots: Once the o-ring is removed, the red alignment dots should be visible on the top of the valve.
  • Proceed with Alignment: Use the exposed red dots to align the plug as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

3.   When the EasyFit Isolator cuts into the pipe what happens to the piece of pipe which is removed?

The EasyFit Isolator cuts with a ‘swarfless cut’ – so no fragments of pipe enter the system. For the 15mm Standard version a single disc of copper (or plastic) is removed which is pushed to the back of the housing as shown in the image below. For the 15mm Pro, 22mm and 28mm versions a segment is stored in the lower housing which is not squashed – so the back of the valve is deeper.

4.   Will fitting the EasyFit Isolator reduce the water flow?

The EasyFit Isolator is a full-flow valve which reduces flow by just 2% (@ 5 bar 30 lit/min) so flow will be 98% of the flowrate prior to fitting the valve.

5.   Is the EasyFit Isolator guaranteed?

Yes, the EasyFit Isolator is guaranteed for up to 10 years.
The guarantee is subject to proof of purchase being supplied. This guarantee does not affect any statutory rights the consumer may have in law.
For further information regarding the terms and conditions of the Aladdin EasyFit Isolator guarantee please Click Here.

In order to extend the guarantee from the standard 3 year terms to the full 10 year warranty, registered with Aladdin Products on this website.
This is achieved by clicking/visiting www.aladdin-products.co.uk/easyfitwarranty