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Aladdin Autovent models: HV30C, HV30, Micro

Aladdin Autovent customer reviews and feedback


“I can’t believe it, I’ve filled my system for the first time
and I don’t have a radiator bleed key.”

This customer was looking for an unusual size

Your products have saved my life.” 


“I fitted several HV30C vents to my system two and a half years ago.
All good, very impressed.


“I bought some Autovents from Screwfix. They’re great!”


“Why didn’t I buy this brilliant thing sooner?”


“I get nervous about doing any plumbing jobs, fearing I’ll mess it up and get water everywhere.
Well this is the easiest thing I have ever done. So annoyed I didn’t get this earlier.
I have a big issue with air in my heating system and it always builds up in one radiator which is also the north facing room.
This literally took two minutes to fit.
I watched a helpful video online that said to leave the normal bleed valve and fit this to the other side. A good tip. Shut off the radiator at both ends. So just open up the bleed valve, catch any water, then unscrew the other side and catch any water and screw this device in.


“I have two of these valves fitted now, plus a third ‘in reserve’. At this price it’s no problem to keep one on the shelf. They were easy to fit and they have been very effective. I haven’t needed to bleed a radiator since.
All rads are noticeably warmer right to the top.”


“Great product. Removes the need to bleed radiators with this gadget installed. Easy to fit, no need to drain the central heating system.”


” They’re great. I used to bleed radiators regularly, no longer have to. I have now fitted them in all of my properties.”

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