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Rohr-Genie –
due for launch late 2018


Einstiche leben unter Druck stehenden Rohr heißem oder kaltem Wasser für die Wartung oder Anlagen zu blockieren.

  • Vermeiden Sie zeitaufwendig und kostspielig Abfluss und Minen.
  • Installiert in Minuten
  • Keeps geschlossen, solange erforderlich, auch an heißen Wasser (im Gegensatz zu Gefrierverfahren)
  • Starter Kit enthält je eine 15mm und 22mm Rohr Genie ™ & Wiederverwendbare Werkzeuge


Rohr-Genie kann auch ohne Isolierung von Wasser für den Einbau verwendet werden:-

  • Waschmaschine Taps
    – Einzigartiges Design verhindert jede Scheibe Ausschnitt aus Fluss zu unterbrechen oder zu verursachen Blockaden!
    – Erhöhte Durchflussrate über der alten Art selbstschneid Taps!
  • Entwässerungsventile
    – Für Heizungsanlagen
    – Vermeiden Sie teure Abflüsse
  • Absperreinrichtungen
    – Installieren Sie eine kleine Bohrung Wartung Kugelventil an unter Spannung stehenden Leitungen

15mm Rohr Genie ™ und Werkzeug passt 15mm Rohr,
22mm Rohr Genie ™ und Werkzeug passt 22mm Rohr.
Verwenden Sie Ihre Akku-Bohrmaschine zu installieren.
Betriebsdruck 10 Bar an 85 deg C.
Patent: GB 1602932.4

The Pipe Genie is a professional tool comparable with an electric freezer kit but better because:

1. It blocks the pipe more effectively (hot and high pressure pipe work), and controllably.

2. It can block ‘moving water’ , the main reason freezing fails is the ice plug doesn’t take as the water is movingyou only find this out when you cut the pipe.

3. Blocks at much higher pressures up to 16 Bar.

4. Blocks hot pipe work so no need to cool heating systemsa real advantage for hospitals and nursing homes with large heating systems and shared accommodationhospitals for example can’t switch off their systems.

5. You can block during a flood for example a leaking fitting or pipe work,whereas you cannot freeze as water is moving.

6. On hot days freeze might not take or natural convection currents in large systems cause moving watera real problem we hear from plumbing maintenance companies.

7. You can block the pipe as long as you wantyou’re not against the clock – you can even leave the job and come back and the pipe will remain blocked.

8. You just need 30mm of pipe length on 15 mm (1 ¼” on ½”) und 40 mm on 22mm (1 ½” on ¾”) – sometimes all the space you have on pipesa freeze jacket is 3x this length .

9. If you change system component and you need to rework it as pipework/valve is leaking you can re- block immediately as you can leave the bung fittedand introduce flow slowly to test the systemand block if it starts leakingthis can’t be done with freezing as is all or nothing as you let the ice plug melt it ‘all goesif the repair isn’t sound

10. With freezer aerosols you often don’t know if you have enough to affect a freeze or if it’s takenhaving to get a second can of freeze is a nuisance.

11. The washing machine tap adaptor doesn’t drop the coupon into the pipe work and is full flow.

To summarise –the Pipe Genie is more effective at pipe blocking and provides more control.

1. Fit Valve around Pipe, Insert Pressure Plate at rear (A), carefully align threads of Nut onto Housing (B) ensure is not ‘Cross threaded’, tighten with Spanner.IMPORTANTOpen the ball valve – ensure the slotted screw is exactly aligned with the Red Dot (C).

2. Prepare Cutter Tool by unscrewing Handle (D), then screw on to Valve using front scalloped Aluminium Collar (E).

3. Fit 14mm Socket (F) to Drill, set drill to Speed 1 (GLow Gear) and Set Clutch to Drill Symbol (H) (ie. Clutch off ‘Hard Drive’ mode).

4. Grease Worm (I) with small quantity of the Yellow grease.

5. Start the Drill slowly rotating clockwise IMPORTANTDo not push the drill, the Black Handle should be free to rotate itself and advance towards the Valve. This will progress quickly at first and then slowly rotate when cutting the pipe. At this point run drill at full speed as it is now cutting the pipe.

6. When the Bottom of the Handle (J) is level with the top of the Scallops (K) of the Aluminium Collar, stop drillingyou have now cut through the pipe. The clutch will automatically spin at the bottom of the cut and ensure you cannot drill through the back of the pipe.

7. Unscrew the Black Handle (L) all the way to the stop position.
NOTE: Hold scalloped aluminium collar to prevent entire cutter from unscrewing off valve.

8. Stop Position (M) will unscrew no further

9. WICHTIG – Close Ball valveso screw slot is aligned exactly on green paint mark (N)

10. Remove Cutter by unscrewing with Black Handle.

11. Prepare Bung tool by unscrewing handle completely until stops (O).

12. Fit Bung tool to Valve by using the Bung’s scalloped aluminium Collar (P).

13. Open the ball valve – IMPORTANT ensure the slotted screw is exactly aligned with the
Red Dot (Q).

14. Screw the Bung Handle down SLOWLY until stops (R). Do not force at bottom (firm pressure should be sufficient). The pipe is now blocked and can be maintained.

15. When finished, unscrew the Bung Handle SLOWLY (S).
NOTE: It takes approximately 1 minutes to extract the Bung if the Pipe has been blocked for an hour or more.Unscrew to the stop point.

16. Close the Valve, IMPORTANT align the slotted Screw exactly with the Green Dot (T).

17. Unscrew the Bung by using the Black Handle to remove from the Valve

18. Fit the Cap. Finished!

19. Afterwards remove Pipe Coupon: Screw out Blade all the way. Use hexagonal screwdriver to slacken grub screw (U). Pull out Worm (V) gently – do not apply pressure on the edge of the Blade.

20. Slide Coupon (W) off back of Worm. Insert Worm (X) back into Blade with cavity (Y) aligned with grub screw. Tighten grub screw and ensure Worm will not pull out.

  • Do not fit to gas pipe.
  • Steel Pipe requires the specific Pipe Genie Steel Cutter model.
  • Do not reverse the drill at any stage of the process.
  • Do not fit to bent pipe or over a solder run.
  • Fit the Valve nut aligned square to the threads to avoid valve gasket leakage.
  • Ensure the Ball Valve is fully OPEN before inserting the Cutter, fully CLOSED before removing the Cutter Tool, fully OPEN after fitting the Bung Tool, fully CLOSED after extracting the Bung (and before removing the Bung Tool).
  • Block pipes for no longer than 3 hours at a time. To avoid Bung damage if blocking pipe for longer than 1 hour, extract Bung slowly (approx. 1 Minuten).
The 15mm Genie valve fits ½” Copper pipe.
The 22mm Genie valve fits ¾” Copper pipe (it may require further tightening with this smaller pipe size).
Blocks up to 10 bar pressure, 85 deg. C
Patent: PCT/GB2017/050362

What comes in the kit?
The kit comes in a sturdy metal case and includes:
2 cutters – 1 in 15mm or ½” and 1 in 22mm or ¾”
4 bung tools – 2 in each size
Lubricant to give the tools a longer life
4 valves in each size
2 washing machine adaptors
Hex Screwdriver – for Socket Grub Screws
Socket driver

How long do the cutters last?
The cutters will last for 200 cuts and can then be replaced. (It must be regularly greased with the yellow grease provided).

How long do the bung tools last?
The bung tools will last for 100 blockings. (It must be regularly greased with the white grease provided).

Can I use on hot water or pressurised systems?
Yes up to 85°C or 185°F and up to 10 bar/145 psi

Will I be able to purchase additional valves?
Yes 15mm/1/2” valves will be £7.50/$10 the 22mm/3/4” will be £11.50/$15

Will it work on plastic/Pex pipe?
Yes it will work on plastic, pex, cooper or multilayer pipe.

Does it reduce the bore of the pipe?
Nein. The Pipe Genie does not reduce flow rates.

How many Bungs and Cutters do I need to cover every size of pipe from 1/2to 3for Copper Plastic and Steel?
The Bung has an increasing expansion range the larger the pipe boreso you need 8 Bungs and 8 Cutters to block up to 3pipe in Copper and Plastic. You will need separate Steel cutting blades (interchangeable with standard Cutter copper/plastic blade) for steel pipe.

What is the Grease for and how do I use it?
The Yellow grease is for the Blade cutting edge and Worm. It will ease the worm into grabbing the pipeit punctures it’s own hole to grab the coupon and keeps the blade edge keenso we thoroughly recommend greasing both to increase life.
The White grease is WRAS approved PTFE based and prolongs Bung life considerablyespecially if you are blocking for long periods. We recommend greasing the Bung bulb before use.

When will we have a model to cut through Steel Pipe?
Test have proven successful with the 1/2galvanised tested already. We use a different blade within the Cutter to cut through the steel pipes but the Cutter handle is the same.
We are confident that we will be able to cut over 3steel pipe and block.

What is the Double-threaded Adaptor for?
This is a washing machine tap adaptor. As a better alternative to self-cutting washing machine taps (that often leak) instead you can use the PIpe Genie Valve to add a full-flow tapping for washing machine or dishwashers. The advantages are that the Pipe Genie is tested to very high pressures and far more secure than a self-cutting valve, it is full flow to the appliance (therefore fills a lot faster) and doesn’t drop the copper coupon into the pipework.
It is a far superior and professional method of doing the same job!

Kits available in 15mm and 22mm or ½” and ¾” – replacement valves sold separately

Other sizes to follow

Kits available in 15mm and 22mm or ½” and ¾” – replacement valves sold separately

Other sizes to follow