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Pipe Genie-
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Punctures live pressurised pipe to block hot or cold water for maintenance or installations.

  • Avoid time consuming and costly drain down and refills.
  • Installs in minutes
  • Keeps closed as long as required, even on hot water (unlike freezing methods)
  • Starter Kit includes one each 15mm and 22mm Pipe Genie™ & Re-usable Tools


Pipe Genie can also be used without isolating water for the installation of:-

  • Washing Machine Taps
    – Unique design prevents any disc cut-out from interrupting flow or causing blockages!
    – Increased flow rate over old style self-cutting taps!
  • Drain Valves
    – For heating systems
    – Avoid costly drain downs
  • Isolating Valves
    – Install a small bore maintenance ball-valve on live pipework

15mm Pipe Genie™ and tool fits 15mm pipe,
22mm Pipe Genie™ and tool fits 22mm Pipe.
Use your battery drill to install.
Operating pressure 10 bar at 85 deg C.
Patent: GB 1602932.4

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