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Our Products


Aladdin Autovents automatically bleed air and improve efficiency of radiators, heating systems and underfloor heating networks.

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Easyfit Isolator

The Aladdin EasyFit Isolator enables an isolation valve to be inserted quickly and safely in a pipe that can have cold or hot water flowing through it under high pressure

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Pipe Genie

The Aladdin Pipe Genie provides a pipe block option that is a faster and safer alternative to the pipe freezing kits and at a lower cost. This product is now on Kickstarter. Click read more below to see.

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What We Do

NLB Engineering are a solutions driven business, where product has been developed in order to find ‘Smart solutions for plumbing problems’. This enables installers and maintenance engineers to complete jobs first call saving time and costs, and homeowners and tenants to benefit from reduced stress or multiple visits to get the job done.